Film Shoot in the City of Cambridge

Public Works

If you are planning to film in the City of Cambridge, you must complete the Filming Request Form. The form can be done and submitted online.

How to Start

  1. Complete the Film Request Form
  2. Once the request form is received and reviewed, someone will contact you to discuss required permits, if required.
If you have any questions or need more information, please contact Rob Linke at 617.349.9498 or by email


  • Most filming requests in the public right-of-way may also require a Sidewalk Obstruction Permit and potentially other City permits as well.
  • For large, commercial film shoots, a 60 day notice is required.
  • For small film shoots by students, person on the street interviews, etc., a two week notice is required.

Additional Information

A Special Events meeting may be required with film organizers and the City’s Special Events Committee which is comprised of representatives from the Police Department, Fire Department, Traffic, Parking, and Transportation Department, License Department, Electrical Department, Inspectional Services and the Public Works Department.

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