School Committee Election - Preliminary Unofficial Results

NOVEMBER 7, 2017

Write-in, auxiliary, provisional and overseas absentee ballots are not included in the results.
Write-in and auxiliary ballots will be tabulated on November 8, 2017.

  • The following results are unofficial as of November 7, 2017. The rankings listed below, from first to last in order of finish, are based only on the ballots scanned at the precincts. The rankings may change as a result of write-in, auxiliary, provisional and overseas absentee ballots.
  • Quota is also unofficial, based only on the total number of ballots scanned at the precincts. Fuller reporting on each round, including write-in and auxiliary ballots, will be available at the conclusion of the ballot count on Wednesday, November 8.
  • No results are final, and no candidate can be declared elected until all ballots have been counted and the Election Commission announces the Official Results. Official Results cannot be declared until November 17, 2017 when provisional ballots and overseas absentee ballots will be counted, as mandated by State Law.

View Detailed Preliminary Unofficial School Committee Election Results

Candidate Total Status
Patricia M. Nolan 2835 Elected 1st count
Manikka L. Bowman 2835 Elected 4th count
Emily R. Dexter 2835 Elected 7th count
Alfred B. Fantini 2835 Elected 7th count
Kathleen M. Kelly 2835 Elected 9th count
Laurance V. Kimbrough 2835 Elected 9th count
Fran A. Cronin 0 Defeated 8th count
Jake W. Crutchfield 0 Defeated 7th count
Elechi M. Kadete 0 Defeated 6th count
David J. Weinstein 0 Defeated 5th count
William MacArthur 0 Defeated 4th count
Piotr Flawiusz Mitros 0 Defeated 3rd count
WRITE-IN 1 0 Defeated  count
WRITE-IN 2 0 Defeated  count
WRITE-IN 3 0 Defeated  count
WRITE-IN 4 0 Defeated  count
WRITE-IN 5 0 Defeated  count
WRITE-IN 6 0 Defeated count

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