Notice: Vote regarding Various Fees


Adopted by Board on June 19, 2017  

                On June 19, 2017, the Board of License Commissioners (the “Board”) voted to implement the following changes in fees starting January 1, 2018 for new licensees, and for current licensees for the renewal year of 2018 which gets billed in October & November, 2017.  Some fees have bene increased, others reduced and some eliminated (or combined). 

  1. Common Victualler License fee: $100 annual license fee + $1 per person (using the total indoor occupancy #).  All common victualler licenses will include the licensing of background music as entertainment.
  2. Patio fee for licenses that hold a liquor license pursuant to G. L. c. 138, § 12: on public property - $750 (as is); on private property $250 (new); if patio on public and private property $1000.
  3. Redefine Recorded Music Played Below Conversation Level (Background Music) to Recorded Music Played at or Below Conversation Level.  There is no fee for this entertainment if the business holds a common victualler license.  If the business does not have a common victualler license, the annual fee is $110.
  4. Redefine Recorded Music Played At or Above Conversation Level to Recorded Music Played Above Conversation Level, fee is $500.
  5. Disk Jockey fee $500
  6. Karaoke fee $500.
  7. Readings of poetry and other works $135
  8. Magic shows $135.
  9. Remove as categories of entertainment radio & phonograph; no fees.
  10. Added Lottery Screen to exceptions to Video Screen or Film Projector Screen (except the first screen on a video juke box and cinema screen). Changed the fee from $0 per screen to $0 for first three (3), $50/TV thereafter.
  11. Reduced the fee of Video Game, Pinball Machine, or other to $100 per machine.
  12. Removed the inclusion of the common victualler fee from the entertainment fee of Theatrical Stage or Cinema Screen.  If the licensee requires a common victualler license, it would have to be licensed as such and the fee for the common victualler is $100 flat fee (no $1 per person fee occupancy fee since the common victualler is ancillary to the entertainment).  Theatrical Stage fee remains $750 per stage and cinema screen fee is $500 per screen.
  13. The Board did not adopt a modified schedule for non-profits.

Vote by Board:

Nicole Murati Ferrer, Esq., Chairperson

Brent Larrabee, Police Commissioner, Commissioner

Gerard Mahoney, Fire Chief, Commissioner

Notice Posted & Dated: June 19, 2017


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