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The Cambridge Peace Commission is working to create a Summer of Peace in our city.

The goal of the Summer of Peace Initiative is to support the range of work that promotes a summer free of youth violence in Cambridge.

This initiative brings together City staff, police, schools, clergy, youth centers, public health staff, people from academic institutions and community activists to identify potential problems and sources of violence in the community, foster collaborations among the agencies, share information, and report on accomplishments.

The Summer of Peace Initiative began in 2008 after a variety of people in Cambridge raised issues with the Peace Commission about young people in our community dealing with issues of potential violence and concerns about safety. In past years, participants have found it to be helpful to meet as a group before the summer, and once or twice during the summer to check in and keep in touch.

If you believe in a Summer of Peace, join us — for events, walks, and all kinds of activities — in every part of Cambridge — during this summer.

For more information call the Peace Commission at 617.349.4694 — or visit our website anytime.

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