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Cambridge Retirement Board Meeting



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Link to join videoconference: https://cambridgeretirementboard.my.webex.com/meet/cburns

This is a fully remote meeting. Please see teleconferencing instructions below.

Vote to consider the regular minutes of the meeting held on August 2, 2021. Vote to consider the executive session minutes of the meeting held on August 2, 2021.

Vote to consider payment of warrant #16 in the amount of $8,232,925.25 and warrant #17 in the amount of $2,182,933.33.

Vote to consider the Superannuation retirement applications submitted by: Daniel Baker, Senior Contract Administrator, Cambridge Housing Authority with eleven years, three months; Susan Bowdridge, Reading Assistant, School Dept. with twelve years, nine months; Dorothy Campbell, Registered Nurse, Cambridge Health Alliance with twenty-five years, seven months; Lynn Chester, Special Education Paraprofessional, School Dept. with twenty-three years, eleven months; Patricia Murphy, L&D Scrub Tech, Cambridge Health Alliance with thirty-three years; Deborah Redmond-Mello, Medical Assistant, Cambridge Health Alliance with forty years, one month; Elizabeth Snell-Fraser, Teaching Assistant, School Dept. with thirty-one years.

4.Redeposits / Make-up / Liability
Vote to consider the make-up of deductions requested by: 1. Farheen Abhura, 6 months (pro-rated) 2. Farheen Abhura, 1 year 8 months (pro-rated) 3. Ingrid E. Brodin, 2 years 4. Joseph A. Cambell, 2 years 3 months (pro-rated) 5. Tevin Charles, 2 months (pro-rated) 6. Tevin Charles, 1 year (pro-rated) 7. Sean D. Dillon, 1 year (pro-rated) 8. Christine Doucet, 10 months (pro-rated) 9. Juana A. Gayle-Flores, 1 year 1 month (pro-rated) 10. Juana A. Gayle-Flores, 4 months (pro-rated) 11. Cynthia Laroche, 1 year (pro-rated) 12. Maeve B. Linnane, 11 months (pro-rated) 13. Jacqueline L. Moz, 2 months (pro-rated) 14. Steven R. Murphy, 9 months (pro-rated) 15. Steven R. Murphy, 3 months (pro-rated) 16. Miguel A. Perez Ruiz, 4 years 9 months (pro-rated)

5.Refund Applications
Vote to consider four refund applications submitted in August.

6.Refund Application - Russell Feroleto
Vote to consider the request for a refund of deductions filed by Russell Feroleto, Skilled Laborer in the Water Dept.

7.Survivor Benefit - Debra McMahon
Vote to consider survivor benefits pursuant to Sec. 12-2-d for Debra McMahon, surviving spouse of Brian McMahon, Building Inspector in the Inspectional Services Dept. Mr. McMahon died on August 7, 2021.

8.Accidental Disability Benefit - Charles McNeeley
Vote to consider the clarified reports of the medical panel in the Accidental Disability application filed by Charles McNeeley, a Patrol Officer in the Police Dept. Mr. McNeeley is represented by Attorney Thomas Gibson.

9. - Anthony Green
Vote to consider the Accidental Disability application filed by Anthony Green, Junior Custodian in the School Dept. Mr. Green is represented by Attorney Morgan Gray.

10.Accidental Disability Application - Eduardo Santana
Vote to consider the Accidental Disability application filed by Eduardo Santana, Senior Milieu Counselor at Cambridge Health Alliance. Mr. Santana is represented by Attorney Timothy Smyth.

11.Accidental Death Benefit - David Scholl
Vote to consider the request for Accidental Death benefits for the surviving spouse of David Scholl, a retired Lieutenant in the Fire Dept. Mrs. Scholl is not represented by at attorney. She will be entitled to collect Sec. 101 survivor benefits pending the outcome of her application.

12.PERAC Memos
PERAC Memo #24 - Important Amendment to G.L. 32, Section 100

13.Old Business

14.New Business
The Board may discuss items which were unanticipated at the time that the agenda was created.

15.Executive Session

16.Chairman's Report

17.Executive Director's Report

Notice of Retiree Deaths Draft Statement of Overall Investment Objectives and Policy 2010 Statement of Overall Investment Objectives and Policy DALA Decision re: James Jones PERAC 2020 Annual Report - Cambridge Summary MassPRIM reports highest fiscal year return in history June Financials - General Ledger, Summary of Accounts, Trial Balance, Adjustments, Cash Disbursements, Cash Receipts, Wire Transfers BLB&G Update - Q2 2021 Lazard Portfolio Review - July 2021

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