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Engineering Plans, Pencil, Ruler

Engineering Services

Public Works

Public Works' Engineering department has a large library of historical and current maps, plans, and record drawings available for viewing. Some sets of documents have been scanned to digital image formats and others are stored as original hardcopy. These documents are useful for a variety of purposes including; license and variance applications, utility connection verification (sewer and stormwater only), historical analysis, environmental research, and defining of property boundaries.   

sewer volume page

Maps and Plans On File:

  • Sewer Inspection Records
  • Street Layouts, Acceptance Plans, and Field Books
  • Assessor's Plat Plans (current and historical)
  • Aerial Photos
  • Sewer and Stormwater Construction Contract Drawings
  • Surface Enhancement Contract Drawings
  • FEMA Flood Zone Maps

The following items can be viewed on CityViewer

  • Zoning
  • Parcel
  • Address
  • Historical
  • Water
  • Traffic
  • Sewer and Storm Drain utilities

Engineer and Contractor Resources

Public Works offers the following contractor resources in order to help contractors provide the best possible services to the Cambridge community.

How do I request records from the Engineering Division

Record requests may be made in person at Public Works during normal business hours. Records may also be requested by sending an email request to George Stylianopoulos sgeorge@cambridgema.gov or by calling 617-349-4859. Please bring a thumb drive to download files.

When is an Engineering Division review of a building permit application needed?

Engineering Division review of building permit applications generally requires 5 business days. Larger or complicated projects may require a longer review time.

See procedure below:

Criteria for Site Plan Review by Public Works Department of Building Permit Application

The purpose of this procedure is to help insure that the necessary coordination has taken place between the developer and the Cambridge Public Works Department during the design process and prior to the issuance of the building permit. The objective is to help minimize future problems thereby avoiding potential added cost and delay in project completion.

In you answer "yes" to any of the following questions, Public Works will need to review and initial your building permit application and site/utility plan prior to submission and processing by the Inspectional Services Department.

Is this a new building or an addition greater than 150 sq. feet? Yes______No_____
Is this a rehab/renovation of an industrial/commercial property of a
residential property greater than 5,000 sq. feet? Yes______No_____
Are you adding or altering roof or foundation drains that currently discharge
or are proposed to discharge, into the City's sanitary or storm water system? Yes______No_____
Is the use of the property being changed from a residential or business use
group to another use group? Yes______No_____
Do you plan to abandon or replace the existing sanitary or storm sewer? Yes______No_____
Are you planning to dewater the site, either during construction or on a
permanent basis? Yes______No_____
Are new paved areas being provided as part of this project? Yes______No_____
Does project require a new or modified curb cut or is there a need to
abandon an existing curb cut?

How do I obtain a temporary construction dewatering permit?

The process of obtaining a construction dewatering permit is determined by the location of the site. Sites in combined sewer areas are required to obtain a permit from the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority. Sites within separated sewer and drainage area are required to obtain a Remediation General Permit from the United States EPA. Once an MWRA or EPA permit is obtained, the applicant may apply for a permit with the City of Cambridge. The entire dewatering application permit process generally takes 8 to 12 weeks.

How do I request assignment or verification of a street address?

All requests for assignment or verification of street addresses must be made in writing to Lena Frappier, Project Administrator - Engineering, lfrappier@cambridgema.gov. Requests are generally completed in 5 business days.

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