Apply for a Motor Excise Tax Abatement


How to Start

  1. Download the abatement application form for Motor Vehicle Excise Tax
  2. Fill out application and return with the following additional documentation if:
    1. The vehicle was sold, traded, or junked:
      1. Bill of sale
      2. Either a plate return receipt or a copy of the new registration if plates were transferred.
    2. The vehicle was stolen or totalled:
      1. Insurance Co. Settlement letter
      2. C-19 form (affidavit of Lost/Stolen plate from Registry of Motor Vehicles)
    3. If you have moved to a different city/town in MA prior to January 1st:
      1. Proof of residence as of Jan. 1st. (i.e. Coverage Selection Page from insurance company)
    4. If you have moved to another state or country:
      1. A dated copy of your original registration from new state or country
      2. Either a plate return receipt or C-19 form from the Registry of Motor Vehicles.
    5. If the vehicle is owned by an tax exempt organization:
      1. Proof of entitlement to statutory exemption.


If an owner of a motor vehicle thinks that he/she is entitled to an adjustment of his/her excise bill, it is strongly recommended that s/he pay the bill in full, then contact the local Board of Assessors for an application for abatement. Although payment of a bill is not a precondition for an abatement, an owner risks incurring late fees and penalties if an abatement is not granted. Abatements can be handled through the mail or email; however, the bill should be paid as assessed and a refund will follow if the abatement is granted. See useful documents for Motor Vehicle Excise Information.

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