Information from the fourth Inman Square Community Meeting - 1/30/2018


City staff held the fourth Community Meeting for the Inman Square Intersection Improvements Project on Tuesday, January 30th, 2018. At this meeting an Alternative Concept was presented, which the City initially believed would address all safety goals within the scope of the project. However, upon further review and analysis, the City has found that there are flaws in the safety of this design that would be better addressed by the Current Concept design. As a result, the City will continue to move forward with the Current Concept design, which is all outlined in the presentation that can be found here. The Department of Public Works will continue to post useful information, documents and project updates on their Inman Square Project page as the project continues to develop. The Traffic, Parking, and Transportation Department also has an Inman Square project page here that provides information about the Transportation Safety Study that was conducted in 2015, and subsequent safety improvements that have been installed to address immediate safety concerns at the intersection until the intersection redesign project is completed.