Parking Tickets

In our ideal world, we would never have to write a parking ticket. So why do we write tickets?

Parking tickets are an important management tool we use to manage the City’s infrastructure so that it serves the needs of residents, businesses, visitors and institutions all of whom need curb space for a variety of uses. Curb space is a limited resource, uses may conflict and preferences may exceed available supply.

The Department regulates the curb uses by determining the best allocation of space for the needs of each block face. Then we sign those regulations. When the sign is not enough to get the parking behaviors allowed, we enforce with parking tickets.

Most spaces in the City are either signed for residents with permits only, or they are short term (30 minute to 2 hour) parking managed by parking meters. Of particular importance are public safety regulations. In these locations stopping briefly or live parking is not allowed. These regulations include: no stopping, double parking and blocking a hydrant, crosswalk, disability space or bike lane.

For the full list of all the parking violations, what they mean and their purpose click here.