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The Ordinance Committee will conduct a public hearing to discuss a zoning petition filed by Peter Kroon,  et al., to amend Section 20.50 of the Zoning Ordinance “Harvard Square Overlay District” in the following ways: 

  • Amend Section 20.53.2 to create additional criteria for the Development Consultation Review process;
  • Amend Section 20.54.1 to revise the purpose statement of the Harvard Square Advisory Committee and replace section 4 with new Membership and Terms;
  • Amend Section 20.54.2 to restrict GFA above 60 feet in height to residential dwelling units and to provide additional allowed FAR for residential uses;
  • Amend Section 20.54.4 to revise the Parking and Loading requirements to state that the Harvard Square Advisory Committee shall hear proposals for cash expenditures “in public session” and that the City of Cambridge shall publish annually a report on sources and uses of funds;
  • Create a new Section 20.56 to require a special permit for Formula Businesses;
  • Create a new Section 20.57 to define and require “Small Stores” of less than 1,250 rentable square feet in certain developments;
  • Create a new Section 20.58 to restrict pedestrian-level frontage of bank, trust company, real estate or other agency, and administrative offices; and
  • Create a new Section 20.59 to exempt below-grade spaces from GFA calculations with certain conditions.

 This hearing to be televised. 

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