Cambridge Ethics Ordinance

Election Commission

The City of Cambridge Ethics Ordinance (2.1118), enacted by the City Council in 1991, sets a minimum standard of ethical conduct for certain municipal officials and candidates for elective municipal office. Officials, designated by the City Manager each April, are required to file a Statement of Financial Interests with the Election Commission on June 1st of each year for the preceding calendar year. Candidates are required to file by the last day on which nomination papers are due.

These Statements are public record and may be inspected in the Election Commission Office on request.

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To download a blank form: Statement of Financial Interests Form (PDF)

Other Documents

Cambridge Ordinance 2.117 - Code of Conduct for City Officials and Employees
Cambridge Ordinance 2.118 - Statement of Financial Interests by Certain Officials and Persons Conducting Business with the City
Statement of Financial interest Fact Sheet (PDF)
Electronic Filing Instructions (PDF)
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