Commission on Immigrant Rights and Citizenship Meeting


2nd Floor Conference Room
51 Inman St.
Cambridge, MA 02139

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Crystal Rosa



1. Call to order

2. Public comment 

3. Review and Approval of September Minutes 

4. Executive Director’s Report

• Tagesech Wabeto’s Outreach update 

5. New Business

• Status of new Commissioner search process (4 vacancies/interviews of 8 candidates to be completed by 10/28/19)

• Lack of Chair(s); Temporary Appointment for October 24 (Karin Lin); November/December combo mtg on 12/12 (Jen Sparks)

• Nomination & election of 2020 Chair(s) at Nov/Dec (12/12) mtg

• CIRC new Commissioner Orientation PowerPoint (draft) – Revisions proposed at September mtg – for review

• PCR Assessments via MLRI Volunteer Attorneys at October 16th CIRC/De Novo Legal Clinic (Cancelled due to Preliminary Injunctions in 3 Federal Courts!)

• Invitation to Hitomi Abe (CET Co-Director) for 12/12/19 meeting – questions for her?

• Outreach tabling at Global Arts Live Events in Feb-Mar-Apr (Sanders Theater and Sinclair) ?

6. Ongoing

• Welcome Event – feedback

• Continue to develop strategic plan for 2020 w/2018 goal setting and Needs Assessment in mind [1 hour?]

• Commissioner/Staff Outreach about CIRC

• Follow up from Working Groups:

o Communications

o DACA – Financial Aid for undocumented students Working Group

7. Future projects

• Jason Weeks – ED Arts Council - discussion about Public Art @ welcoming immigrants  

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