Project map from Dudley to Alewife Brook Pkwy

Mass Ave - Dudley St to Alewife Brook Pkwy

Project Description

Through this quick-build project, we will install separated bike lanes on Massachusetts Ave between Dudley St and Alewife Brook Pkwy. Our toolbox includes pavement markings, signs, and flex posts. This project will also consider methods to improve bus reliability, such as dedicated lanes.


  • Improve safety for people biking in the project area
  • Improve safety for people walking at existing crosswalks
  • Improve safety for transit riders with enhanced markings and signage at bus stops
  • Improve travel times and reliability of MBTA buses
  • Implement changes in line with the Cambridge Bicycle Plan and Vision Zero Action Plan
  • Meet the requirements of the Cambridge Cycling Safety Ordinance, which includes the requirement to add separated bike lanes

Prior Community Meeting

On Tuesday, September 14 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., we held a virtual community meeting to discuss changes to Mass Ave from Dudley St to Alewife Brook Pkwy in relation to the Ordinance. During this meeting we:

  • provided general information about the Ordinance,
  • shared plans for Massachusetts Ave between Dudley St and Alewife Brook Pkwy, and
  • gave an opportunity to ask questions about the plan.

Accessibility Information

This webinar was recorded and will be posted online after approximately two weeks with closed captioning. People with disabilities may request live captioning (CART) or any other reasonable accommodation. Contact Traffic, Parking and Transportation at, 617-349-4359 (voice), or via relay at 711. The City of Cambridge does not discriminate, including on the basis of disability. We may provide auxiliary aids and services, written materials in alternative formats, and reasonable modifications in policies and procedures to people with disabilities.


Separated Bike Lane Example

Mt Auburn St at Holyoke St - Before and After

The images below show Mt Auburn St at Holyoke St before and after separated bike lanes were installed as a part of the Inner Mount Auburn Safety Improvement Project.

The left image shows Inner Mt Auburn St with a standard bike lane, travel lane, and a parking lane. The right image shows Inner Mt Auburn St with a bike lane, buffer area with flex posts, a travel lane, a parking lane, and daylighting.

Key Components of Separated Bike Lanes

  • Bike lanes create dedicated space for people who are biking.
  • Buffers (painted lines on the street) create space between people biking and people driving. They help prevent unintentional collisions that could cause serious harm to the people involved. Depending on the location, there may be a parking lane next to the buffer area. In these instances, drivers can use the buffer area to safely get in and out of the car and to load and unload items.
  • Flex posts are placed in the buffer area and serve as a vertical barrier in the buffer area.
  • Travel lanes allow space for people to drive down the street, but can be used by anyone.
  • Green markings help alert people turning from the travel lane that they should look out for people on bikes. These are generally installed at intersections and across driveways.
  • Parking creates space for people to store their vehicles while they are in the area. This part of the street may also be designated as loading zones, which help make it easier for delivery people to do their jobs.
  • Daylighting is when the parking lane is pulled back 20 feet to make it easier for people driving down the street and people waiting to cross the street to see each other. These areas are generally marked with lines on the ground. There may also be flex posts.

Why Install Separated Bike Lanes

Separated bike lanes provide more space and vertical separation between people on bikes and people in cars. More people are comfortable biking in separated bike lanes than in traditional bike lanes or in traffic with cars, buses, and trucks. Separated bike lanes also increase safety for people walking by reducing crossing distances. As we install separated bike lanes, we also look for opportunities to increase visibility at intersections, refresh crosswalk markings, and install appropriate pedestrian crossing signs.

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