Cambridge Plays - Chinese Crafting, Tea Arts, Dancing and Kung Fu Workshops

3:00 PM - 5:00 PM Sunday, July 30, 2023

Cambridge Common, Waterhouse St., and Massachusetts Ave.


Cambridge Plays - Chinese Crafting, Tea Arts, Dancing and Kung Fu Workshops

Enjoy a free workshop for adults and kids to taste Chinese traditional arts with the Chinese American Association of Cambridge.

On Sunday, July 30, the activities include:

  • Tea Arts: Broken Cup Teahouse will take participants into the world of single-origin, traditionally handcrafted full leaf teas, to experience beauty in a cup.
  • Kung Fu workshop: Mr. Zunlong Li, the master of Chaquan (a type of Northern Chinese martial arts), will teach some basic Kung Fu forms, also come and take a selfie with his guandao (or The Green Dragon Crescent Blade).
  • Chinese art and craft workshop: Kim is a passionate individual who loves art and crafts. She is excited to propose a captivating workshop that combines arts & crafts and Chinese culture to engage and inspire kids. Through hands-on activities and cultural exploration, children will have the opportunity to unleash their creativity while gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation for Chinese traditions and artistic expressions.
  • Chinese traditional dance workshop: Demonstration of four (4) typical Chinese classical dances, including Xinjiang, Margolin, Dai, Peacock. Eva Liu is the instructor of Cheongsam Show at the Cambridge Lunar New Year Celebration 2023. She will demo and lead Chinese dancing for all ages.

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