For Homeowners

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From high-rise condominiums to single-family homes, there are a wide range of homeownership options in Cambridge. There are also many programs and services available to support homeowners in Cambridge.

Housing Resources Available during COVID-19

The City of Cambridge has assembled housing resources and information to assist homeowners during this public health crisis. 

To learn more about the housing resources available during COVID-19, click here.  

Home Improvement Program

The City supports the Home Improvement Program (HIP), which provides low-cost financing for income-eligible owners of one- to four-family properties. These funds can be used to address code violations or make needed upgrades. Income limits apply.

For more information about HIP, click here.

Homeowner Education

The Housing Division offers several special classes each year for current homeowners. The Homeownership 202 class provides post-purchase training for condo owners. The multi-family class is for anyone interested in purchasing a multi-family home.

Click here for more information about ongoing homebuyer education. 

Foreclosure Prevention Resources

There are a wide variety of resources for homeowners who are concerned about making their housing payments or losing their homes to foreclosure. 

Click here to get more information about programs and resources to assist struggling homeowners. 

Mediation Services

Mediation Services is a professional mediation and facilitation service supported by the City. They can assist homeowners with issues such as neighbor conflict; condominium association training; condominium management; and other housing issues.

Click here for more information about Mediation Services.

City-Assisted Units

If you are the owner of a unit purchased through a City of Cambridge housing program, click here to learn more about specific requirements for your deed-restricted property.

For More Information

For more information about programs and services for Cambridge homeowners, please call the Housing Division at 617/349-4622.