Park Projects

New park in Riverside

Current Projects

Learn about park planning, design or construction projects that are currently underway:

  • Binney Street Park: The City will be constructing a new open space in eastern Cambridge located on Binney Street, between Galileo Galilei Way and the Grand Junction Railway Corridor.
  • Graham and Parks School:  The playground will undergo repair and maintenance work to improve play conditions for and the safety of its users.
  • Harvard Square Kiosk and Plaza Working Group: In 2017, the City established a Harvard Square Kiosk and Plaza Working Group, composed of residents, business and property owners, representatives from local institutions, and urban design experts, to create a vision for the future use, operation, and governance of the Harvard Square Kiosk and Plaza.
  • Morse School Outdoor Play Spaces: The City is undergoing a planning process for the renovation of the play area at the Morse School in Cambridgeport.
  • Rogers Street Park: The City is developing a new open space in eastern Cambridge located on Rogers Street between 2nd Street and 3rd Street.
  • Triangle Park: The City is developing a new open space in eastern Cambridge located between First Street, Binney Street, and Edwin H. Land Boulevard.

Completed Projects

  • Amigos School Play Area: In 2018, the City completed a renovation of the play area at the Amigos School in Cambridgeport.
  • Cambridge Common: This project renovated the Cambridge Common and built a multi-use path alongside Flagstaff Park on Massachusetts Avenue. Work was competed during 2016.
  • Cambridgeport Parks:The City completed renovation of three neighborhood parks in Cambridgeport in 2013: Alberico Park, David Nunes (Old Morse) Park, and Fulmore Park. The renovated parks provide a wide range of different activities for users of all ages and physical abilities.
  • Cambridgeport School Playground: The City completed a renovation of the playground at the Cambridgeport School, located on Elm Street in the Port neighborhood, in 2016.
  • Clement Morgan and Pine Street Parks: These two parks in the Port were renovated in 2010 with all new play equipment, landscaping, pathways and park furniture.
  • Eastern Cambridge/Kendall Square Open Space Study: The City, through the Community Development Department conducted a public process to explore ways to integrate four open space parcels into the existing open space system in Kendall Square and eastern Cambridge.
  • Elm and Hampshire Plaza: A comprehensive renovation of Elm and Hampshire Plaza in the Wellington-Harrington neighborhood was completed in 2015. The new plaza features improved seating areas, a Little Lending Library, a new spinning and climbing play feature, and musical dance chimes.
  • Haggerty School Playground: Renovations were completed in 2015 to the playground at the Haggerty School, located along Cushing Street in the Strawberry Hill neighborhood.
  • Hurley Street Park: The City recently completed a comprehensive renovation of Hurley Street Park in 2015. Hurley Street Park is an approximately 0.3 acre park located on Hurley Street in East Cambridge and features swings, waterplay, a variety of seating areas, and a new community garden.
  • Kemp Playground at Cambridge Common: The redesigned Alexander W. Kemp Playground at the Cambridge Common was completed and opened in summer 2009. It has a variety of play features to stimulate challenging physical activity as well as creative, exploratory, imaginative and social play for kids of all ages.
  • New Park in Riverside: The new community park in Riverside was created as part of an agreement between the City of Cambridge, Harvard University and the Riverside Neighborhood.
  • Sacramento Field: The City completed a comprehensive renovation of the field and held a soft opening celebration in July 2018. The 1.2 acre neighborhood park is located off Sacramento Street in the Agassiz neighborhood.
  • Sennott Park Edge Improvements: Improvements to the pathway, new fencing, furniture and plantings were added to the Broadway edge of Sennott Park in 2010. These improvements were intended to beautify the park edge, encourage more passive use and support community gathering.