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Affordable housing requirements for developers of residential and commercial properties are set forth in Section 11.200 of the Cambridge Zoning Ordinance which includes both the Inclusionary and Incentive Zoning Ordinances.

The City’s Inclusionary Housing Program requires developers of residential and mixed-use projects to include affordable housing units in all developments with 10 or more new units or more than 10,000 square feet of new residential floor area. The Inclusionary Housing Ordinance, adopted by the City Council in 1998 and updated in 2017, establishes the basis of the Inclusionary Housing Program. The Housing Division administers the Inclusionary Housing Program and works closely with developers, owners, and managers of Inclusionary Housing units.

The City's Incentive Zoning Ordinance, adopted by the City Council in 1988, requires non-residential developers seeking certain special permits to make an Incentive Zoning contributions to the Cambridge Affordable Housing Trust to mitigate the impact increased demand for housing from new non-residential development has on housing affordability. Incentive Zoning applies only to new non-residential development.

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For more information on the City's Inclusionary Housing and Incentive Zoning requirements, please contact Linda Prosnitz at 617/349-4619 or