Street, Sidewalk and Path Improvement Projects

Brookline Street after wider sidewalks and bicycle lane added
Brookline Street after wider sidewalks and bicycle lane added

The Environmental and Transportation Planning Division manages a number of transportation infrastructure planning and design projects. The goals for these projects vary and include improving pedestrian and bicycle access, slowing the speed of traffic on residential streets, upgrading the aesthetics of a corridor, and improving travel safety. These projects aim to accommodate all travelers, including pedestrians, cyclists, transit users, and drivers. Other projects, such as general repaving and restriping streets are handled by either the Department of Public Works or the Department of Traffic, Parking, and Transportation.

At any given time, the City of Cambridge has numerous transportation projects in design and construction.  These projects are generally a collaboration between the Community Development Department, Public Works Department and Traffic, Parking and Transportation Department.  Projects could include major corridor design projects, traffic calming projects, bicycle parking installations, pedestrian safety projects and multi-use path projects.  Projects are done often with other infrastructure work being completed at the same time to save money and construction disturbance to the community.   

The five year plan maintained by the Department of Public Works, lists most projects being undertaken by the City.

Updates on projects that are in construction are found on the DPW web site.

Bicycle Facilities and Paths map