Park Information

Cambridge is home to over 80 parks, playgrounds, and open spaces. Each space is unique and is an important part of our city's parks system. Learn more about the various parks and open spaces in Cambridge. 

Download the Cambridge Parks and Playgrounds Guide to explore open spaces in your neighborhood and throughout the city! 
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Download Playgrounds in Cambridge: A Guide for Families and Kids, a supplement to the Parks and Playgrounds Guide created by resident Neelu Trivedi and other members of the Cambridge community. The guide is intended to help youth and caregivers have an understanding of different playgrounds, from a kid's perspective, before they arrive.

Look for a park in the listing below to find photos, descriptions of the activities and features available, and summaries of improvements that have been made. Currently, this listing only provides information about selected parks that have been built or renovated within the past decade.

Selected Parks and Playgrounds

  • Alden Playground

    Alden Playground is located in Baldwin neighborhood at the intersection of Oxford Street and Sacramento Street, across from the Baldwin School.

  • Alexander W. Kemp Playground at Cambridge Common

    Alexander W. Kemp Playground at Cambridge Common was renovated in 2009 and includes a variety of play features to stimulate challenging physical activity as well as creative, exploratory, imaginative and social play for kids of all ages.

  • Cambridge Common

    Cambridge Common is a 16 acre park, located outside of Harvard Square and surrounded by Massachusetts Avenue, Garden Street and Waterhouse Street. The Common has a long and colorful history, and is an important local resource as well as a tourist attraction.

  • Cambridgeport Parks

    In 2013 the City completed the renovation three neighborhood parks in Cambridgeport. Alberico Park, David Nunes (Old Morse) Park, and Fulmore Park are small to moderately sized parks located in Cambridgeport along Allston Street and Sidney Street.

  • Cambridgeport School Playground

    The Cambridgeport School Playground, located in the Port neighborhood, was renovated in 2016.

  • Charles Park

    A passive park near the Charles River and the Cambridgeside Galleria between Cambridge Parkway and Land Boulevard near its intersection with Rogers Street. This park also includes a small tot-lot that was renovated in 2005.

  • Clement Morgan and Pine Street Parks

    These two parks in Area Four were renovated in 2010 with all new play equipment, landscaping, pathways and park furniture. Clement Morgan Park lies between Columbia Street and Pine Street while Pine Street Park is found across from Clement Morgan Park.

  • Costa Lopez Park and Community Garden

    Costa Lopez Taylor Park is located on Charles Street in East Cambridge and includes a new "pocket park" space with community gardens created in 2008.

  • Dana Park

    Dana Park is located on Magazine Street between Corporal McTernan and Lawrence Streets in the Cambridgeport neighborhood. Park renovations were completed in 2004.

  • Elm and Hampshire Plaza

    A comprehensive renovation for Elm and Hampshire Plaza in the Wellington-Harrington neighborhood was completed in 2015.

  • Father Callanan Playground at Tobin School

    Father Callanan Playground is adjacent to and behind the John M. Tobin Elementary School and has also been referred to as the Tobin School Playground. The play area is behind the Tobin School between Vassal lane and Concord Avenue.

  • Franklin Street Park

    The award winning Franklin Street Park is located on the block between Hancock and Bay Streets in the Riverside neighborhood. Park renovations were completed in 2003.

  • Giacobbe Dog Run

    A dedicated off leash dog area has been established behind the Anderson Courts on Pemberton Street.

  • Gold Star Mothers Park

    Located on Gore Street in East Cambridge next to the Simoni Skating Rink, this park features a softball field, playground with water play, and basketball courts.

  • Greene-Rose Heritage Park

    Greene-Rose Heritage Park lies along Harvard Street near the intersection with Moore Street. There is also an access point from Broadway near the intersection with Windsor Street. The park was expanded and renovated in 2008 and now includes a children’s playground, water play area, open field, benches, landscaping and trees, and public art installations.

  • Hurley Street Park

    The City of Cambridge completed a comprehensive renovation of Hurley Street Park in East Cambridge in 2015.

  • Haggerty School Playground

    The renovation of the Haggerty School Playground was completed in 2015.

  • Lowell School Park

    Lowell School Park is located at the intersection of Mt. Auburn Street and Lowell Street in the West Cambridge neighborhood.

  • Maple Avenue Park

    Maple Avenue Park is located at the intersection of Maple Avenue and Marie Avenue in the Mid Cambridge neighborhood. Park renovations were completed in 2004.

  • New Riverside Park

    The new community park in Riverside at the intersection of Memorial Drive and Western Avenue was created as part of an agreement between the City of Cambridge, Harvard University and the Riverside Neighborhood.

  • Russell Field

    This North Cambridge park is bordered by Rindge Avenue, Clifton Street, Harvey Street, and the W.R. Grace property. The Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School football team plays its games here. The park also contains two Little League fields and a soccer field.

  • Sennott Park Renovation Project

    This very actively used park lies along Broadway at the intersection with Norfolk Street and is right next to the Area IV Youth Center. The area features multi-purpose playing fields, a playground, water play and basketball courts. One edge of the park was improved in 2010 with a walking path, ornamental fencing, park furniture and landscaping.

  • Trolley Square Park

    Trolley Square Park is approximately 3,600 square feet in size and located at the corner of Massachusetts Avenue and Cameron Avenue. The site is adjacent to the existing Linear Park, as well as housing, retail and community space.