Education Data

Cambridge Public Schools

The Cambridge Public School Department (CPSD) track a wide variety of data related to the make up of the student population and educational outcomes.

The following CPS information are available through the City's Open Data website:

Note that the Enrollment and Language data here is based on the annual October 1 census of students. A second census occurs on January 1 and is the basis for some publicly available data sets and reports.  Figures can differ significantly beaten the two dates. 

Additional CPSD enrollment, educational outcome and financial statistics can be found at the following locations:

Post-Secondary Institutions

Each year CDD receives Town-Gown Reports form Cambridge College, Harvard University, Hult  International School of Business, Lesley University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  These reports include a range of data about each school's student population, faculty and staff, facilities, and long range plans.

American Community Survey

The Census Bureau's American Community Survey includes a number of tables related to educational achievement and student enrollment.

For More Information

For more information about socioeconomic and demographic statistics about Cambridge, please contact Cliff Cook,, Senior Planning Information Manager, at 617/349-4656.