Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy

Buildings in Cambridge are responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than transportation and waste combined, or over 80% of the city’s total emissions. Reducing building energy use is therefore a critical component of the City’s environmental and climate goals.

Through its Cambridge Energy Alliance program, the City helps residents and small businesses reduce energy consumption by implementing energy efficiency measures and investing in clean or renewable energy technologies. Large Businesses can learn about the City’s energy requirements for LEED, energy disclosure and net zero energy planning.

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How will Cambridge get to net zero building emissions?
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Learn how to install solar today

Multi-Family Retrofit Advisor (5+ units)
Business Energy

Energy efficiency assessment for your business
Renters and Homeowners Energy Efficiency
Renters, homeowners, and landlords energy efficiency action (1-4 units)
Landlords and Energy Efficiency

Clean heating and cooling technologies for your home
Commercial Property Energy Use

Building Energy Use Disclosure Ordinance

Community Shared Solar
Solar Power

Check out your home's solar potential

For More Information

For more information about energy efficiency and renewable energy, contact Meghan Shaw at or 617/349-5323.