Regional Transportation Planning, Funding, and Projects

Metro Boston Region
Metro Boston Region

The City of Cambridge collaborates with neighboring municipalities on transportation planning that effects the entire metro-Boston region. Cambridge advocates for transportation to support smart growth with an emphasis on the reduction of single-occupancy vehicle trips (driving alone): transit expansion and regional roadway projects enhancing bus, bicycle, pedestrian modes. Cambridge believes that a strong regional commitment to sustainable transportation provides for more livable communities.

Prioritizing projects that support non-motorized transportation modes, as opposed to highway capacity expansion projects, is a critical component to meeting statewide GHG reduction goals.

The regional projections for mobility needs by the year 2035 indicate that there will be a 7% increase in demand for our roadways and a 30% increase in demand for transit service. Higher transit demand resulting from the implementation of the MetroFuture land use plan will require investments to increase capacity of our already stretched transit system.

Cambridge participates in the following two agencies regarding transportation in the region, click for more information

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