Cambridge Business and Labor Force Data

The 2010 Cambridge Statistical Profile provides information about the labor force, employment by industry and occupation, unemployment and underemployment, the size of the workforce, employment by sector, and average and median wages.

Note that data found in the following tables comes from a variety of sources. Data sets that do not share the same source should not be compared or compared with caution due to differing data collection techniques.

Biotechnology, High Tech and Clean Energy Companies

The Economic Development Division maintains a listing and map of Cambridge companies working in the life sciences, high tech, and clean energy sectors. The listing is not intended as a comprehensive source for businesses information. The data is sourced from news items, real estate industry market reports and industry associations, such as MassBIO and New England Clean Energy Council. 

Business District Customer Intercept Surveys

Every year the Economic Development Division undertakes a customer intercept survey in one of the City's business districts. In 2018 the survey format changed, so more recent data are collected in a separate table:

To learn more about a specific customer intercept survey visit the the Commercial Districts pages.

Economic Census of Businesses

Every fifth year the U. S. Census Bureau conducts the Economic Census of the United States, which collects detailed data on Cambridge businesses. Source: U. S. Census Bureau.

Non-Profit Corporations

Organizations qualify as non-profits if they have IRS recognition of tax-exempt status. Certain types of public charities, such as churches and organizations with less than $5,000 in gross receipts, are not required to file for official 501(c)(3) status.  Source: IRS data recompiled and released by the National Center for Charitable Statistics Data Archive.

Resident Labor Force

Information about Cambridge residents who work, regardless of the location of their place of employment. Source: Massachusetts Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development.

Top 25 Employers

Information about larger employers in Cambridge. The most recent table includes links to the employment web sites of these organizations. Source: Cambridge Community Development Department.


Information about all those who work in Cambridge, regardless of place of residence. Source: Massachusetts Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development.

For More Information

For more information about socioeconomic and demographic statistics about Cambridge, please contact Cliff Cook,, Senior Planning Information Manager, at 617/349-4656.