The Department provides program forms in either PDF or HTML format, in addition to paper copies upon request.

Adobe Reader and similar programs can open and read PDF forms. Users with Adobe Reader 8.0 or later or Adobe Acrobat can both complete certain of the PDF forms and save entries for later editing. You must submit PDF forms through email or the delivery of paper copies; you cannot submit them via the web site.

HTML forms are those embedded in a web page and are submitted through the web site.

The following is a list of program-related forms found on the Community Development Department web site. Mailing list forms for various programs and projects are not included here.

For More Information

To learn more about a form look at the web page for the associated program.

Format Document Name Description Type
external Cambridge Entrepreneurship Assistance Application Form This page provides a link to the Cambridge Entrepreneurship Assistance Program Application Form. The Program is a 4 month financial education program for entrepreneurs in emerging technologies. Application Form
pdf Facade Improvement Program Guidelines and Application Guidelines and application for applicants seeking technical and financial assistance to renovate or restore exterior signage, lighting or facades for commercial buildings. Application
pdf Inclusionary Housing Program Developer Application Housing developer application for the Inclusionary Housing Program. Permit
pdf Minority and Women Business Directory Questionnaire Questionnaire and Survey to collect th information about Cambridge minority and/or women-owned businesses for inclusion in the Cambridge Minority & Women-Owned Business Directory. Form
pdf Planning Board Special Permit Application Form Application form for projects subject to special permit requirements of Zoning Ordinance where the Planning Board services as the granting authority. Permit
pdf PTDM Employee Transportation Coordinator Designation Form Form used to designate an Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC) responsible for enforcement of an employer's PTDM requirements. Form
pdf PTDM Management Plan Property Transfer Form Form used when properties subject to the PTDM Ordinance transfer ownership or management. Form
pdf PTDM Small Project Plan Form Form used for facilities subject to PTDM with 5 to 19 total parking spaces. Form
pdf Retail Interior Accessibility Program Application Form The City of Cambridge Community Development Department (CDD) established the Retail Interior Accessibility Program to provide financial assistance to independent business tenants seeking to renovate or improve the interior of their commercial buildings to make their businesses more accessible to those who are physically disabled. Form
pdf Sign Certification Form Form requesting sign certification. All signs require review by the Community Development Department and a permit from the Inspectional Services Department (ISD) before installation. Permit