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  • Ongoing Transportation Infrastructure Projects

    Ongoing transportation infrastructure projects map March 2021

    A number of transportation infrastructure projects are currently in construction and under design in Cambridge. Click here to view a project map with links.

  • Cambridge Street Code

    Logo for the Street Code

    The Street Code is a resource for everyone. Whether you walk, bike, drive, or use public transportation, you play an active role in the transportation system. In order for this system to function well, each person must follow the rules, pay attention, and be patient and courteous. Simple!

  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

    EV Charging Station

    Thanks to State and Federal grant money, the City has installed 17 electric vehicle charging stations throughout the city. The City is launching a Pilot Program to install 4 additional charging stations on residential streets this summer. Click this link to see more information and to visit our online public input map tool to provide suggestions for future electric vehicle charging stations in Cambridge. 

  • Traffic Calming

    Curb extension, Upland Steet at Newell Street

     The goal of traffic calming projects is to allow cars to peacefully coexist with other modes of transportation.

  • Cambridge Launches New Sustainability Dashboard


    The sustainability dashboard tracks the progress toward climate, transportation, and energy goals. Drawing on extensive data, the dashboard provides statistics, charts, and graphs related to these goals and describes actions that the public can take to help further them. Explore the sustainability dashboard today.

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What We Do

Transportation policy and planning in Cambridge emphasizes sustainable modes of transportation such as walking, biking and using transit, which promote livability and help to improve air quality.