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7/9/201310 years ago

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Bike Workshop Flyer

Free Urban Cycling Workshops

Please join the City of Cambridge and Mass Bike for a Free Urban Cycling Workshop.

Great if you bike occasionally, want to cycle to your errands, may start bike commuting, or simply want to ride along with your kids.
This is a how-to informational class for Cambridge residents - no experience or bicycle necessary.

Those who complete the class will be eligible for a free bike helmet.

July 15 - 344 Broadway (City Hall Annex) - Bike Maintenance 201**

All workshop times are 7:00 P. M. to 8:00 P. M.

*Specifically focused on women riders, but men are more than welcome to attend!
**Must bring your own bike and have experience riding a bicycle.

All participants must RSVP prior to attending.

For more information

To RSVP, please contact Jennifer Lawrence at 617/349-4671 or