K2C2 Final Reports Released

12/30/201310 years ago

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Jill Brown Rhone Park at Lafayette Square

The K2C2 final reports are here!

Read the final reports of the K2C2 Planning Study conducted 2011 – 2013. This comprehensive planning effort guided by stakeholder advisory committees, city staff, and a team of multidisciplinary consultants led by Goody Clancy, developed a vision and master plan for Central Square, Kendall Square, and the area South of Main Street (including the Osborn Triangle) connecting the two squares.

K2C2 Central Square report cover

Central Square

K2C2 Kendall Square report cover

Kendall Square

For More Information

For information on the K2C2 Planning Study, please contact Iram Farooq at ifarooq@cambridgema.gov or 617/349-4606.

To read more documents related to the K2C2 Planning Study see the study home page.