The Cambridge Entrepreneurship Program is Currently Accepting Applications


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The Cambridge Entrepreneurship Assistance Program, a collaboration between the City and The Capital Network (TCN), provides eligible entrepreneurs in the consumer products, clean energy, high tech and life science sectors with a scholarship to TCN's 6-month membership program. Through the program, participants have access to TCN's events, workshops, panels, consultations, and other resources. 

Chris Bent, a Cambridge-based entrepreneur and founder of Piccles, is currently participating in the program. Read the interview below to learn how the Cambridge Entrepreneurship Assistance Program helped his startup business.

Tell Us About Your Business

Piccles is a collaborative coloring book that connects people through drawing and allows them to make art in real-time. 

What Was Most Helpful To You During the Cambridge Entrepreneurship Assistance Program?

We took the most advantage of access to The Capital Network events. As a bootstrapped startup, getting formal financing for the first time is intimidating. After workshops like pitch practice, finding a technical co-founder, and how to court angel investors, I feel much better prepared to seek financing when the time is right.

What do you enjoy most about the startup community in Cambridge?

In the Cambridge startup community, you are always surrounded by smart people doing interesting things. By attending events at the coworking spaces and colleges littered through Cambridge, I've been exposed to amazing people with crazy ideas that go on to inspire other ideas. It is a constant source of inspiration with so many people pursuing their ideas and passions in the community.


To learn more about Piccles, watch this brief video.

The Cambridge Entrepreneurship Assistant Program currently has six spots open and will accept applications on a rolling basis through May 1, 2019. To learn more about the Cambridge Entrepreneurship Assistance Program and how to apply, click here

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