New Development Log Available - 2018 Second Quarter

8/13/20185 years ago

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Development log open data map

The Development Log, published quarterly, tracks large-scale residential and commercial development projects currently in the permitting or construction phases in the City of Cambridge. The Log contains the name and location of each project, the developer, type of use, and the amount of square footage.

Review the Second Quarter 2018 Development Log

Development Log data is available for download through the City's Open Data Portal

Which Projects and Data Are Included?

Criteria for inclusion in the Development Log include:

  • Commercial projects totaling over 50,000 square feet;
  • Commercial projects that have a significant impact on the neighborhood in which located;
  • Residential projects of eight or more units that are new construction or rehab/renovation projects and that alter the existing use by adding to the existing number of units or square footage as well as any other residential project that falls under the Inclusionary Zoning Ordinance.
  • All municipal projects in which a cross section of City departments may have an interest
  • Any other project considered otherwise significant.

The Dashboard

The Community Development Department has launched a Development Log Dashboard, which invites users to interactively learn about development activity in Cambridge. The Dashboard displays data from 73 projects, totaling a combined 13 million square feet and over 6,500 units of housing. The Dashboard allows users to:

  • Zoom into development locations on a city map
  • Explore development projects by neighborhood
  • Search projects by address, primary use, and status
  • View amount of affordable and market-rate housing units in each development
  • Determine the amount of permitted parking spaces allocated to each project

For More Information

For more information please contact Cliff Cook, Senior Planning Information Manager, at or 617/349-4656.

To learn more about the Development Log visit the web page.

To download data go to the Open Data web portal.