Cambridge Celebrates Energy Efficiency Day

10/2/20194 years ago

caution sign The information on this page may be outdated as it was published 4 years ago.

October 2nd is national Energy Efficiency Day! To celebrate, we’re highlighting the many ways that the Community Development Department and Cambridge Energy Alliance can help you save money, make your home more comfortable, and reduce your carbon footprint. Take these energy efficiency actions today: 

Renters in 1-4 units can sign up for a no-cost home energy assessment. Through the Renters Energy Savings Program, the City of Cambridge has partnered with local nonprofit All In Energy to connect renters living in buildings with 1-4 units to a no-cost home energy assessment. All In Energy can also help landlords receive no-cost energy upgrades, including 75-90% off insulation improvements for eligible participants. 

Install Air Source Heat Pumps or Solar Hot Water – Through the Cambridge Clean Heating and Cooling Marketplace, the City has partnered with Boston-based EnergySage to make it easier for homeowners and landlords to install air-source heat pumps, such as ductless minisplits, and solar hot water. Learn more at a workshop on Thursday, October 3rd at Lesley University’s University Hall, 6:30-8:30p.m.

Buildings that are 5 Units or More: Connect with a Cambridge Multi-Family Retrofit Advisor – The program helps apartment and condo buildings that are five or more units become more energy efficient through no-cost energy assessments, free solar assessments, and access to a retrofit advisor who helps identify qualified contractors and compare upgrade options.

Find Your Solar Potential – Through Sunny Cambridge and the EnergySage Solar Marketplace, residents can request, receive, and compare solar quotes online, with support available every step of the way.

Enroll in 100% Green Plus to Receive 100% Green Electricity – Through the City’s Community Electricity Program, all residents and small businesses can sign up to receive 100% green electricity and invest in a local solar project. 

Take Simple Steps to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient – Watch Meghan Shaw, Outreach Director for the Cambridge Energy Alliance, explain tips for making your home more energy efficient, during an interview with Boston 25 News.