Cambridge Launches New Clean Heating and Cooling Marketplace

9/24/20194 years ago

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The City of Cambridge has launched the Cambridge Clean Heating and Cooling Marketplace, a new initiative to help residents make their homes more comfortable, save energy, and cut their carbon footprint. The City has partnered with Boston-based EnergySage to develop this new program, which supports residents who are interested in learning about and installing air-source heat pumps, such as ductless minisplits, and solar hot water. EnergySage’s expert advisors will connect interested residents with pre-vetted contractors and installers, and help residents review technology options and installation quotes.

The Community Development Department will host a workshop on Thursday, October 3rd, at Lesley University’s University Hall (1815 Mass Ave), Room 2-078 from 6:30-8:00pm. Residents are encouraged to attend to learn more about air-source heat pumps and the Cambridge Clean Heating and Cooling Marketplace. Click here to register for the event. 

Many Cambridge residents have already installed heat pumps and solar hot water, thanks to generous rebates from state and utility programs. The Cambridge Clean Heating and Cooling Marketplace will help residents ensure that they are taking full advantage of these incentives.

Heat pumps and solar hot water are a great way for residents to save on their utility bills and reduce their home’s carbon footprint, while making it more comfortable. Air-source heat pumps, often called minisplits, are powered by electricity and move heat into or out of a home, instead of burning gas or oil to create heat. As a result, heat pumps deliver energy-efficient heating and cooling, year-round, and can be zoned by individual room. Though they require electricity to operate, heat pumps use up to 70% less electricity than traditional electric-resistance heating, and can be powered by clean electricity.

The City of Cambridge has been working with EnergySage since 2015 to support the SunnyCambridge solar marketplace. The Clean Heating and Cooling Marketplace is supported by a grant from Yale University’s Renewable Thermal Alliance.

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