Increased funding for Cambridge Small Business Grants

8/16/20239 months ago

Picture of Cambridge Street in Cambridge, Massachusetts

The City of Cambridge now has larger grants for small businesses to make improvements – inside and outside their business. Businesses can apply for higher amounts to improve access, buy equipment, and make marketing upgrades. The Economic Opportunity and Development Division has also made grant terms more flexible.

Storefront Improvement Program (SIP)

Cambridge property owners or business tenants are now eligible for up to $50,000. The cost of approved accessibility projects is reimbursed up to 90% ($25,000 maximum) and all other approved projects are reimbursed up to 50% ($25,000 maximum).

Eligible SIP projects include:

  • new doors and windows (including take out windows)
  • creating accessible entrances
  • adding signage like window graphics or blade signs and installing new lighting

Learn more about the Storefront Improvement Program

Retail Interior Accessibility Program

Approved projects are now eligible for 90% reimbursement, up to $25,000. Eligible projects include bathrooms, countertops, shelving, and tables built to accessibility codes.

Learn more about the Retail Interior Accessibility Program

Small Business Enhancement Program (SBE)

Cambridge brick and mortar small businesses owners can now receive up to $8,000 for equipment and marketing improvements. Home-based and co-working-based businesses are now eligible for up to $2,000.

Eligible SBE projects include:

  • retail and food service equipment
  • painting and flooring
  • outdoor/indoor seating
  • marketing materials like web design, menus, and online ads

Learn more about the Small Business Enhancement Program

For more information

Please contact the Economic Opportunity and Development Division at or 617/349-4637.