Take the Neighborhood Goals Survey

8/1/20234 months ago

A flyer promoting the Neighborhood Goals survey for Mid-Cambridge.
If you live, work, play, worship, or study in the Mid-Cambridge, Neighborhood Nine, or Wellington Harrington neighborhoods we need your feedback! Take the Neighborhood Goals Survey to review our draft goals and share which goals are most important to you.

The draft goals in these surveys come from our first round of community engagement. The results of this survey will help direct what goals and topics we focus on in our next community meeting. 

What are Neighborhood Action Plans?

We’re working on Neighborhood Action Plans for Mid-Cambridge, Neighborhood Nine, and Wellington-Harrington in 2023, and we need your help! The Neighborhood Action Plans are a one-year process to set neighborhood priorities and identify projects and policies to improve the day-to-day life of people in the neighborhood. 

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Visit the project webpage for more information about the Neighborhood Planning Initiative (NPI) and Neighborhood Action Plans.