Coolidge Place Land Disposition

Location Map of Coolidge Place Proposed Disposition

The City has received a request from Normandy Real Estate Partners and Twining Properties to make available for disposition approximately 1,042 square feet of City owned land known as Coolidge Place, which is an eight foot wide public way that connects Massachusetts Avenue (between Douglass and Columbia Streets) to the city-owned Municipal Parking Lot #6 on Bishop Allen Drive (see map). The land would be sold to a private owner with the condition that it would be combined with adjacent land to enable the construction of a residential building with ground floor retail in accordance with zoning requirements, particularly the "Mass and Main" zoning adopted in 2015.

Land disposition in Cambridge requires adherence to two sets of requirements. Under state laws (Chapter 30B), the City must solicit proposals from all interested buyers before selecting a final buyer. Under the Cambridge Municipal Code (Section 2.110.010), the City must prepare a report that is reviewed at public hearings by the Planning Board and City Council before the City Council may vote to approve the disposition. Both of these processes are currently underway.

Public Hearings will be held on the proposed disposition at the following times and locations:

  • Planning Board: Tuesday, November 17, 7:00 P. M. at 344 Broadway, Second Floor (Notice)
  • City Council: Monday, November 23, 7:00 P. M. at City Hall, 795 Massachusetts Ave, Second Floor

The City Manager previously held a public meeting to discuss the process and the preparation of a report under the municipal disposition process on Tuesday, October 20, 2015. Meeting Announcement and Information

This project has been completed. No further updates to this project page will be made.

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