Trolley Square Study

Map of Trolley Square and vicinity

Located north of Porter Square on Massachusetts Avenue, Trolley Square has provided a location for the storage and repair of trackless trolleys since the earliest streetcars came to Cambridge. In 2001 the City acquired title to a site in Trolley Square previously owned by the MBTA. This future of this site, located at the intersection of Linear Park, Massachusetts and Cameron Avenue, was the focus of the Trolley Square Committee's work.

A stipulation in the deed transferring ownership to the City requires any new use of the property to serve a public benefit. Toward this end, a group of citizens and business owners, appointed by the City Manager, began meeting in February 2002 to discuss potential uses and physical configurations for the site. In December, 2002, the Committee submitted their final recommendations to the City Manager.

Trolley Square Committee Final Report and Recommendations

Subsequently, the City Council approved transfer of the site to the Cambridge Affordable Housing Trust. In Fall 2003, the Trust issued a request for proposals from developers interested in developing the site. Homeowner's Rehab Inc (HRI) was designated as the developer and completed construction on the site in 2007.

Another portion of the Trolley Square Committee's work ciocerned the provision of a public open space. The Community Development Department, in collaboration with neighborhood residents, created a public park as part of the redevelopment of the former MBTA trolley yard site. Trolley Square Park opened to the public in 2007.

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