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Scott and Irving Streets Traffic Calming Project

Scott and Irving Intersection

Construction of Irving Street from Kirkland Street to Scott Street and Scott Street from Irving Street to Bryant Street is now complete. In addition to sidewalk and road way reconstruction, the project included traffic calming elements to reduce vehicle speeds and enhance safety for pedestrians. These were developed through an extensive community process, which included a meeting organized by the residents of the area, two neighborhood meetings organized by the city and several meetings with individual property owners. The work included new sidewalks on Irving Street form Kirkland Street to Scott Street, a raised intersection at Scott Street and Irving Street with squared off corners, and the addition of two green spaces for plantings. At Kirkland Street, the roadway entrance has been narrowed and made a consistent width with the rest of Irving Street, and a crosswalk with a curb extension across Kirkland is included to make this crossing more convenient.

This project has been completed. For information about the construction process, please visit the Department of Public Works Scott and Irving Streets project page.

October 2018

In response to resident concern, the advisory bicycle lane markings have been blacked out and signage for the advisory bicycle lanes has been removed. A double-yellow centerline has been painted on and green-backed shared lane markings have been installed between Kirkland Street and Bryant Street. The City will continue to evaluate.

April 2018

A community meeting to discuss the Scott and Irving Streets Traffic Calming Project will be held on Thursday, April 12, 2018, 6:00-7:30 PM at the Cambridge Public Library Main Branch, Community Room, Floor L2, 449 Broadway. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss results of the project, including a presentation of "Before" and "After" project data and community survey results. View the meeting flyer

November 2016

Advisory bicycle lane pavement markings were added to Scott Street and Irving Street in November, 2016. View the updates below and read the installation notice.

scott irving advisory bike lane page 2

June 2015

A community meeting was held on June 24, 2015. View the meeting presentation.

Project Complete.

  • Scott and Irving Street traffic calming concept plan

    Traffic calming concept plan for the intersection of Scott and Irving Streets.

For additional information please contact Juan P. Avendano, Traffic Calming Project Manager at 617/349-4655 or at javendano@cambridgema.gov.