Pemberton Street Traffic Calming Project

Pemberton Street at Fairfiled Street after construction

The 2011 reconstruction of Fairfield Street and Pemberton Street from Rindge Avenue to Fairfield Street includes pedestrian access and pedestrian safety improvements at the intersection of Fairfield Street and Pemberton Street. These were developed through a community process and several meetings with individual property owners. 

The improvements consist of constructing a curb extension at the intersection of Pemberton and Fairfield streets to provide pedestrian access around an existing tree, reduce crossing distance for pedestrians crossing Fairfield Street and reduce speed of vehicles making a right turn from Fairfield Street into Pemberton Street.  The curb extension also provides an opportunity for additional green space at the intersection.    

This project has been completed.  No further updates to this project page will be made. 

Construction is complete.

  • Fairfiled at Pemberton

    Curb extension Fairfiled Street at Pemberton Street

For additional information please contact Juan P. Avendano, Traffic Calming Project Manager at 617/349-4655 or at