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About the Bicycle Committee

The Cambridge Bicycle Committee, established by City Council in 1991, works to improve conditions for bicyclists in the City of Cambridge and promote bicycling as a means of transportation. Activities of the Committee include:

  • Reviewing City plans for road construction;
  • Commenting on pending bicycle-related ordinances;
  • Organizing and participating in public events;
  • Creating materials to encourage bicycling in the city, and
  • Working with other bicycling organizations at the local, state, and national level.

Committee Membership

The committee is made up of community members who take an active interest in bicycling issues in Cambridge, as well as City staff from the Community Development Department, the Department of Traffic, Parking, and Transportation, the Police Department, and the Department of Public Works.

View the current membership of the Bicycle Committee on the Open Meeting Portal 

Meeting Dates, Meeting Agendas, and Meeting Minutes

The Cambridge Bicycle Committee meets regularly, usually on the second Wednesday of the month. Meetings generally take place at the City Hall Annex at 344 Broadway. Bicycle Committee meetings are open to the public, and non-members are welcome to attend.

Bicycle Committee meetings are listed in the citywide Calendar of Events.

Date Agenda Minutes/Materials
December 9, 2020 Agenda Minutes; Presentation
January 13, 2021 Agenda MinutesPresentation
February 10, 2021 Agenda MinutesPresentation
March 10, 2021 Agenda MinutesPresentation
April 14, 2021 Agenda MinutesPresentation
May 19, 2021 Agenda Minutes; Presentation
June 9, 2021 See Joint Committee
July 14, 2021 See Joint Committee
August 11, 2021 Agenda Ride; no minutes
September 22, 2021  Agenda
October 13, 2021  Agenda MinutesPresentation 
November 10, 2021  Agenda MinutesPresentation
 December 8, 2021   Agenda  Minutes; Presentation 
 December 13, 2021  Agenda  
 January 12, 2022  Agenda Minutes; Presentation 
 February 9, 2022 Agenda Minutes 
 March 9, 2022  Agenda Minutes
April 13, 2022   Agenda MinutesPresentation
 May 11, 2022 Agenda Minutes
 June 8, 2022  Agenda  Minutes
 August 10, 2022  Agenda  
September 14, 2022  Agenda   Minutes
 October 12, 2022 Agenda Minutes
 November 9, 2022  Agenda Minutes
 December 14, 2022  Agenda Minutes
 January 11, 2023 Agenda Minutes
 February 8, 2023 Agenda Minutes
 March 8, 2023 Agenda Minutes
 April 12, 2023  Agenda  
 May 10, 2023  Agenda  

View Bicycle Committee older agendas and minutes.

Get Bicycling News

The Cambridge Active Transportation Report is an emailed newsletter providing information about upcoming meetings, events, news, and actions related to bicycling, walking, and an active lifestyle, as well as items of general interest for transportation in Cambridge. To subscribe to the Cambridge Active Transportation Report, please click here.

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Committee Rides and Events

The Bicycle Committee hosts community bike rides each spring and fall. Find information about upcoming and past rides at

For More Information

For more information about the Bicycle Committee, please contact Cara Seiderman at 617/349-4629 or