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A picture of Cambridge Street in Inman Square, Cambridge, MA
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About Inman Square

Inman Square is a lively district with a mix of housing and ground floor retail uses that contribute to a strong sense of neighborhood in the area. Inman Square businesses are primarily owner-operated and include a variety of restaurants, personal services, and specialty stores.

Inman Square represents the power of Cambridge’s local economy. Walking down Cambridge Street from Vellucci Plaza, one can access a variety of locally-owned banks, hardware stores, creative retail spaces, and diverse restaurants including Eastern Mediterranean, Indian, and Mexican cuisines. In addition to the vibrant dining scene, Inman Square is also known for its historic deli and Greater Boston’s only community bathhouse. In recent years, the Square boasts an emerging art and crafts scene, including an artist-run performance space that features live jazz performances.

Inman Square’s eclectic mix of historic and visionary businesses makes visitors feel simultaneously at home and invigorated.

Inman Square Businesses

Inman Square Small Retailers and Restaurants Map (2019)

Inman Square Resources

    Inman Square Commericial District Locus Map
Inman Square Commercial District Assessment (2019)

Inman Square Market Profile (2018)

Inman Square Customer Intercept Survey Report (2015)

East Cambridge Business Association (represents Inman Square to Lechmere Square)

Area Map of Inman Square Commercial District


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For more information on economic development activity in Inman Square, please contact Christina DiLisio at, 617/349-4601.