Vacant Storefront Design Contests 2023 Semi-Finalists

Below is a slideshow of the 15 finalists’ artwork from the 2023 Vacant Storefront Creative Design Contest.


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Voting ends Friday 4/28/2023

  • In blues tones, this image shows a singer with an afro and gold hoops caressing a microphone as she performs bathed in white light?

    M_Talbot - Lady sings the Blues compressed

  • in a background of blues, a person with long streaming hair paddles a kayak through large green lily pads and stars leaving a wake

    Dare to Explore1024_1

  • Collage self portrait of a smiling person

    Portrait of Mary

  • In a close up picture of small purple flowers with large green leaves, a black and yellow bee is in the center on a flower
  • A brown hand holds up a small black pot with the words

    This is Your Time - Serina Gousby1024_1

  • this is a pattern of brightly colored flowers that appear underneath a layer of many brightly colored butterflies
  • a person in a red dress and jean jacket sits, leg crossed at a bus stop in this photograph with digitally edited trees and an orange and red dragon atop the bus stop

    space day Aviv Hirsch

  • A blurred Cambridge fire truck drives past the Pill Hardware Storefront in Central Square

    Stone-A-Wheres the Fire-

  • a person in a white pants suit dancing with a person in a red top and a short, white, wrap skirt in front of a crowd of onlookers
  • painting shows an empty green bench along the banks of the Charles River overlooking a bridge and rowers on the river.
  • In front of a row of houses, the shapes of children playing have been replaced by images of the cosmos

    REDFIELD DAVID A jam called Saturdays

  • This abstract image looks as if you took a picture of tulips during an earthquake.

    Monet Gardens Tulip Abstract

  • this is an abstract image in blues and white.
  • Against a sea green background with smiling faces, flowers, rainbows and the peace sign, sits a pink flip phone with the image of a brown skinned person with pigtails and gold hoop earrings in a shirt that says 90's baby

    Katiana R 1