1982 Census of Manufacturers

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SIC CodeIndustryTotal EstabsEstabs w/ 20+ EmployeesEmployees (1,000)Payroll ($M)Production Workers (1,000)Work Hours ($M)Wages ($M)Value Added ($M)Cost of Materials ($M)Value of Shipments ($M)New Capital Expenditures ($M)
20Food & Kindred Products1871.317.511.91166.588.7153.62
23Apparel & Other Textile Products1060.8130.517.529.116.445.43.7
27Printing & Publishing5090.
28Chemicals & Allied Products1150.6120.40.85.829.725.555.44
31Leather & Leather Products33(CC)(D)(D)(D)(D)(D)(D)(D)(D)
34Fabricated Metal Products1781.632.51.2220.469.143.71151.4
35Machinery, except Electrical2490.819.
36Electric & Electronic Equipment1881.528.
38Instruments & Related Products20121.431.30.71.513.570.934.2105.12.6
NAAll Manufacturing Auxiliaries(1)19185.8142.8--------------
NACambridge Total2229515.9323.96.712.489.9390.1311.3705.323.2


  1. Auxiliaries are establishments whose employees are primarily engaged in performing supporting services for other establishments of the same companies, rather than for the general public or other business establishments.
  2. (CC) - 500 - 999 employees.
  3. (D) - Withheld to avoid disclosing information about individual companies. Data is included in broader categories.
  4. Estabs refers to establishments.

Source:  U. S. Census Bureau, Survey of Manufactures, 1982.

The figures presented here should not compared to the employment by industry figures generated by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development. The methodology and intended uses of the information differ, making direct comparisons impracticable.

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