1987 Census of Retailers

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SIC CodeType of BusinessNumber of EstabsReceipts ($1,000)Annual Payroll ($1,000)1st Quarter Payroll ($1,000)Paid EmployeesUnincorporated Individual ProprietershupsUnincorporated Partnerships
52Building Materials, Garden Supplies1721813320171723820
53General Merchandise1012622295882350123110
54Food Stores931592642113348982154124
55, except 554Auto Dealers, Auto Supply Stores13645275956162429610
554Gasoline Service Stations39322651982485183101
56Apparel and Accessory Stores81668798179196678973
57Furniture and Home Furnishings Stores (appliances, TVs, etc.)83727009349211869362
58Eating and Drinking Places28213897838240936551252811
591Drug and Proprietary Stores29398844984117145620
59, except 591Miscellaneous Retail Stores1791217171795641221525318
592Liquor Stores2521749197247820810
593Used Merchandise Stores1752148322709081
NAAll Cambridge Establishments and Operations826844249120568288161269010029


  1. Estab refers to establishments.

Source: U. S. Census, Census of Retail Trade, 1987.

The figures presented here should not compared to the employment by industry figures generated by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development. The methodology and intended uses of the information differ, making direct comparisons impracticable.

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