2002 Retail Trade

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NAICSIndustrial ClassificationNumber of EstablishmentsSales ($1,000)Annual Payroll ($1,000)Number of Employees (1)
44-45Retail trade49812028241539707206
441Motor vehicle & parts dealers8584683167130
44112Used car dealers1DDa
441120Used car dealers1DDa
442Furniture & home furnishings stores42622339029349
4421Furniture stores17350194618137
44211Furniture stores17350194618137
442110Furniture stores17350194618137
4422Home furnishings stores25272144411212
44221Floor covering stores5569691928
442210Floor covering stores5569691928
44229Other home furnishings stores20215183492184
442299All other home furnishings stores19DDc
443Electronics & appliance stores2611270210475480
4431Electronics & appliance stores2611270210475480
44311Appliance, television, & other electronics stores14682296892328
443111Household appliance stores2DDb
443112Radio, television, & other electronics stores12DDe
44312Computer & software stores8DDb
443120Computer & software stores8DDb
44313Camera & photographic supplies stores4DDb
443130Camera & photographic supplies stores4DDb
444Building material & garden equipment & supplies dealers13568319860228
4441Building material & supplies dealers13568319860228
44412Paint & wallpaper stores3DDa
444120Paint & wallpaper stores3DDa
44413Hardware stores5DDb
444130Hardware stores5DDb
44419Other building material dealers5436966927116
444190Other building material dealers5436966927116
445Food & beverage stores85287423404141838
4451Grocery stores49248374357501612
44511Supermarkets & other grocery (except convenience) stores31235572347151541
445110Supermarkets & other grocery (except convenience) stores31235572347151541
44512Convenience stores1812802103571
445120Convenience stores1812802103571
4452Specialty food stores17146382195110
4453Beer, wine, & liquor stores19244112469116
44531Beer, wine, & liquor stores19244112469116
445310Beer, wine, & liquor stores19244112469116
446Health & personal care stores408669610719563
4461Health & personal care stores408669610719563
44611Pharmacies & drug stores16682607116373
446110Pharmacies & drug stores16682607116373
4461101Pharmacies & drug stores14DDe
4461102Proprietary stores2DDb
44612Cosmetics, beauty supplies, & perfume stores7512980965
446120Cosmetics, beauty supplies, & perfume stores7512980965
44613Optical goods stores95609158867
446130Optical goods stores95609158867
44619Other health & personal care stores87698120658
446191Food (health) supplement stores6DDb
446199All other health & personal care stores2DDa
447Gasoline stations2734828193097
4471Gasoline stations2734828193097
44719Other gasoline stations2126818131971
447190Other gasoline stations2126818131971
448Clothing & clothing accessories stores108173159228721543
4481Clothing stores68123281160701206
44811Men's clothing stores57494142654
448110Men's clothing stores57494142654
44812Women's clothing stores23282503656236
448120Women's clothing stores23282503656236
44813Children's & infants' clothing stores5369450949
448130Children's & infants' clothing stores5369450949
44814Family clothing stores26765549416775
448140Family clothing stores26765549416775
44815Clothing accessories stores6DDb
448150Clothing accessories stores6DDb
44819Other clothing stores3DDb
448190Other clothing stores3DDb
4482Shoe stores24274703496211
44821Shoe stores24274703496211
448210Shoe stores24274703496211
4482101Men's shoe stores2DDa
4482102Women's shoe stores4DDb
4482104Family shoe stores1211300157077
4482105Athletic footwear stores610369102193
4483Jewelry, luggage, & leather goods stores16224083306126
44831Jewelry stores14DDc
448310Jewelry stores14DDc
44832Luggage & leather goods stores2DDa
448320Luggage & leather goods stores2DDa
451Sporting goods, hobby, book, & music stores5310833113601795
4511Sporting goods, hobby, & musical instrument stores24299543774267
45111Sporting goods stores11134431674127
451110Sporting goods stores11134431674127
4511101General-line sporting goods stores5913795790
45112Hobby, toy, & game stores8142131679114
451120Hobby, toy, & game stores8142131679114
45113Sewing, needlework, & piece goods stores3DDa
451130Sewing, needlework, & piece goods stores3DDa
45114Musical instrument & supplies stores2DDa
451140Musical instrument & supplies stores2DDa
4512Book, periodical, & music stores29783779827528
45121Book stores & news dealers19546317701364
451211Book stores16518677186329
4512111Book stores, general6DDc
4512112Specialty book stores6DDb
4512113College book stores4DDc
451212News dealers & newsstands3276451535
45122Prerecorded tape, compact disc, & record stores10237462126164
451220Prerecorded tape, compact disc, & record stores10237462126164
452General merchandise stores5DDe
452111Department stores (expt discount dept stores)2DDe
45299All other general merchandise stores3277220811
452990All other general merchandise stores3277220811
453Miscellaneous store retailers60DDf
4532Office supplies, stationery, & gift stores22297913750180
45321Office supplies & stationery stores821082260199
453210Office supplies & stationery stores821082260199
45322Gift, novelty, & souvenir stores148709114981
453220Gift, novelty, & souvenir stores148709114981
4533Used merchandise stores1576651617124
45331Used merchandise stores1576651617124
453310Used merchandise stores1576651617124
4539Other miscellaneous store retailers14DDc
45391Pet & pet supplies stores1DDb
453910Pet & pet supplies stores1DDb
45392Art dealers2DDa
453920Art dealers2DDa
45399All other miscellaneous store retailers11109021747124
454Nonstore retailers3111163616452283
4541Electronic shopping & mail-order houses157360711017142
45411Electronic shopping & mail-order houses157360711017142
4543Direct selling establishments16380295435141
45431Fuel dealers2DDb
454311Heating oil dealers2DDb
45439Other direct selling establishments14DDb
454390Other direct selling establishments14DDb


  1. Industries with 500 employees or more are shown. Some statistics are withheld to avoid disclosing data for individual companies. If employment is 500 or more, number of establishments is shown and employment size range is indicated by one of the following symbols:
    • a: 0 to 19 employees
    • b: 20 to 99 employees
    • c: 100 to 249 employees
    • e: 250 to 499 employees
    • f: 500 to 999 employees
    • g: 1,000 to 2,499 employees
    • h: 2,500 to 4,999 employees
    • i: 5,000 to 9,999 employees
    • j: 10,000 to 24,999 employees
    • k: 25,000 to 49,999 employees
    • l: 50,000 to 99,999 employees
    • m: 100,000 employees or more
  2. D: Withheld to avoid disclosing information about individual companies. Data is included in broader categories.

Source: U. S. Census, 2002 Economic Census; Sector 44: Retail Trade: Geographic Area Series: Summary Statistics.

The figures presented here should not compared to the employment by industry figures generated by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development. The methodology and intended uses of the information differ, making direct comparisons impracticable.

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