Mid-Cambridge - Neighborhood 6

Spring comes to Harvard Street.

Mid-Cambridge is a large, high-density residential neighborhood with around thirteen thousand residents, bordered by Prospect Street to the east, Kirkland Street to the west and Massachusetts Ave. to the south and the City of Somerville to the north. Major commercial centers lie at three corners of the neighborhood: Central Square, Harvard Square, and Inman Square. Central Square and Harvard Square also serve as major transit stations. Massachusetts Avenue, which connects the two squares, is a major travel route and commercial spine. Many institutions have a presence in Mid-Cambridge, including Harvard University, Cambridge Hospital, Youville Hospital, the Cambridge Public Library, and Cambridge City Hall.

Mid-Cambridge Neighborhood Map

Mid-Cambridge 3D Map

Mid-Cambridge Statistical Profile

Central Square Study

View the report and recommendations from the Central Square Planning Study, completed in 2012, on the "K2C2" web page:

Mid-Cambridge Neighborhood Study Update

Community Development Department staff finalized the recommendations of the 2011 Mid-Cambridge Neighborhood Study Update and have worked within CDD and with other departments to provide information on how each recommendation is addressed through ongoing programs or possible future actions. You can download this Recommendations, Status and Potential Actions document, which also provides helpful information about how neighbors can get involved in addressing these important issues.

You can download maps, presentations and other materials from the Mid-Cambridge Neighborhood Study Update by clicking the "Documents" tab.

The objective of the neighborhood study and subsequent updates is to identify planning issues in the neighborhood and articulate recommendations to address those issues. The study recommendations are the key part of the neighborhood study and updates. The recommendations are used not only to guide neighborhood planning efforts for the Community Development Department but in many cases are included as work items for other City departments when appropriate.

2011 Neighborhood Study Update

Community meetings for the Mid- Cambridge  Neighborhood Study Update were held in February and May, 2011. At those meetings, CDD discussed planning initiatives and neighborhood concerns with community members, and worked to develop a set of recommendations to help inform long-term future planning in the neighborhood. The following set of recommendations were developed as an outcome. In addition, CDD staff worked within the department and with other city departments to provide information on how each recommendation is addressed through ongoing programs or possible future actions.

Presentations, maps and other documents from the 2011 Mid-Cambridge Neighborhood Study Update process can be downloaded by clicking on the "Documents" tab above.

2005 Neighborhood Study Update

In 2005 the Department published the Mid-Cambridge Neighborhood Study Update: Summary, Recommendations, and Action Plan, which reviews the discussions at the neighborhood meetings, describe recommendations proposed there, and updates the status of recommendations from the 1998 study.

1998 Mid-Cambridge Neighborhood Study

This neighborhood study was conducted from 1993 to 1994 and issued in 1998.

To request a printed copies of any neighborhood study please call Tracey Joyce in the Community Planning Division at 617/349-4650 or email her at tjoyce@cambridgema.gov.


  • The splendor of the library.

    The Cambridge Public Library: a crown jewel.

  • Water play at Paine Park

    Water play at Paine Park on a summers day.

  • Sunny street in Mid-Cambridge

    A sunny street in Mid-Cambridge neighborhood.

  • Quincy Square

    Quincy Square in the afternoon.

  • Typical resiential street in Mid-Cambridge

    Typical street in Mid-Cambridge_0720

    Typical street in Mid-Cambridge.

  • Cooper Park - Corner of Hancock and Centre Street
  • Joan Lorentz Park- Broadway and Ellery Street (Cambridge Rindge and Latin School Campus)
  • Maple Avenue Park - Maple Avenue
  • Wilder-Lee Park - Corner of West and Lee Street
  • Paine Park - Corner of Amory Street and St. Mary Road

Neighborhood Planner: Gary Chan, gchan@cambridgema.gov, 617/349-4603,