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Additional Publications

In addition to the reports and other documents listed in the Publications Directory, the Department produces a number of other reports and newsletters on a regular basis.  These include the following:

For More Information

For paper copies and to obtain more information about a publication please contact the Community development Department at 617/349-4600 or

Document Name Description Geography Year
Cambridge Public Health Department Educational Materials for Customers Example brochure for cannabis retail stores to share with customers that reviews common cannabis health FAQs. 11/27/2023
Cannabis Business Permit Info Change Request form Fillable PDF for existing cannabis business applicants to request changes to info submitted on Viewpoint 11/27/2023
FY24 Cambridge Cannabis Business Permit Guidelines and FAQ Guidelines and common questions for opening a cannabis business in Cambridge 11/27/2023
Cambridge Cannabis Business Locations November 2023 Map of Cambridge City showing locations of cannabis business in operation and those about to open. 11/27/2023
Cannabis Business Locations 2023 Map of Cannabis Business Locations in Cambridge Citywide 2/24/2023
FY23 Cannabis Business Permit Process Anyone seeking to operate a Cannabis Business, as defined in the Cannabis Business Permit Ordinance, in the City of Cambridge must obtain a Cannabis Business Permit from the City. 11/9/2022
Amendment to the Cannabis Business Permitting Ordinance 9-19-22 Cannabis Business Permitting Ordinance Amendment Permitting Preferences for Priority Clients 10/25/2022
Cannabis Business List A list of cannabis businesses in Cambridge 3/15/2022
FY22 Cannabis Business Permit Process Outline of permitting process for cannabis businesses in Cambridge. 3/15/2022
Cannabis Business Priority A Applicant Documentation Cannabis Business Business Ordinance Priority A Applicant Documentation Citywide 9/23/2021