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The City of Cambridge’s STEAM Initiative was created to enhance and expand students’ access to quality STEAM learning experiences from birth to adulthood.  

Through the collaborative efforts of Cambridge Public Schools, the City, Out-of-School Time program providers, universities, and industry, it is the Initiative’s vision that:

  • All residents in Cambridge will engage in quality STEAM learning experiences, regardless of economic and social barriers.
  • Students will graduate from high school with high levels of STEM literacy and 21st Century skills, empowered to make decisions about what they want to do, and able to be an engaged and responsible citizen in an increasingly technologically-driven society.
  • The local pipeline to Cambridge’s STEM workforce will reflect the diversity of the community (gender, ethnic, individuals with disabilities, etc.).
  • Cambridge will be recognized nationally as an innovative city that is a leader in both STEM industry and STEAM education.
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