Planning Board Special Permits

This page contains digital copies of application materials, supporting documents, hearing notices, and decisions for Planning Board special permit cases. View an interactive map of special permit cases

For more information about these and other special permit applications contact Liza Paden at 617-349-4647 or

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Case Number Location / Name Status Latest Meeting
PB-225 30 Memorial Dr
(MIT Sloan School)
Built 2/20/2007
PB-221 Harvard Law School Built 11/28/2006
PB-355 1686 Massachusetts Avenue Under Review None Available
PB-354 87-101 CambridgePark Drive Under Review None Available
PB-304 1718-1720 Massachusetts Avenue Application Withdrawn None Available
PB-289 57 JFK Street
(Crimson Galleria)
In Development None Available
PB-287 1868 Mass Ave Application Withdrawn None Available
PB-256 34-36 Hampshire Street Special Permit Granted None Available
PB-252 40 Norris Street North Cambridge Catholic High Building
(North Cambridge Catholic High)
Built None Available
PB-246 106 and 296 Vassar Street
(MIT Wind Turbine)
Built None Available
PB-245 545 Cambridge Street Built None Available
PB-244 Lincoln Way Built None Available
PB-237 1924 Mass Avenue
(Porter Square Hotel)
Built None Available
PB-227 70 Fawcett Street Built None Available
PB-226 72 Hamilton Street Built None Available
PB-224 545 Cambridge Street Built None Available
PB-220 Harvard Law School Dorm Built None Available
PB-219 77 Hurley Street Built None Available
PB-218 303 Cambridge Street Built None Available
PB-217 450 Massachusetts Ave
(Central Square Theater)
Built None Available
PB-216 64 Aberdeen Ave
(Collins Library)
Built None Available
PB-215 235 Albany Street Built None Available
PB-214 77 Hurley Street Application Withdrawn None Available
PB-213 16-18 Bellis Circle Built None Available
PB-212 380 Green Street Built None Available
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