Top 25 Employers

Since the mid-1980s the Community Development Department (CDD) has collected employment data from Cambridge employers to assemble a list of the 25 largest providers of jobs. The information is updated annually. Select an employer's name and you will go to the careers page on that organization's web site.

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Top 25 Employers

Year Rank Company Industry Employment Incubator Businesses


  1. All figures collected in August-September each year. Employment at many Cambridge firms is dynamic, responding to changing market factors. Announcements affecting employment since the end of data collection are not factored into this table. All figures reflect employment within the City of Cambridge only. Whenever possible, totals are based on Full Time Equivalents (FTEs). Part time workers were counted as 0.5 FTEs, unless otherwise indicated by employer response.
  2. City of Cambridge figures include School Department employees.
  3. "Incubator Businesses" only applies to entries for start-up incubators.

Source: Cambridge Community Development Department and cited employers, unless otherwise noted.

Top 25 Data from 1995 through present

Top 25 Employer information from 1995 to present is available though Cambridge Open Data. Use the filter tools to display and export one or more years of interest.

For More Information

For more information about the Top 25 Employers, please contact Pardis Saffari, Director of Economic Opportunity and Development, at or 617-349-4654..