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City Manager's Message
Climate change is impacting our lives and it’s a top priority for the City. As a community, we need to act with urgency and resolve to address this critical work. As a leader in this work, we have set ambitious goals and have opportunities for all in the community to play a valuable role.
Photo for Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Aggressive City Goals
The City has set aggressive goals and implemented a series of actions in order to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to a) prevent climate change from worsening b) and address the inevitable impacts of climate change that we are already experiencing in order to improve the health and resilience of the community.
Harvard Foot Bridge
Buildings are at Center of Cambridge's Climate Change Prevention Efforts
The majority of Cambridge’s GHG emissions come from buildings, particularly the largest buildings throughout the community.
Induction Stove Image
Fossil Fuel Free Demonstration Program
Another community action we are pursuing is a first-of-its-kind Fossil Fuel Free Demonstration Program. We sat down with Susanne Rasmussen, Director of Environmental and Transportation Planning at the Cambridge Community Development Department to learn more about this new program.
Photo of Cambridge Buildings
New Partnership to Help Upgrade Multifamily Buildings
Cambridge has launched a pilot partnership with BlocPower to help multifamily buildings complete energy efficiency and all-electric upgrades that can save energy, improve building comfort, and support Cambridge’s climate goals.
Cambridge Life Climate Change Issue
Electrify Cambridge to Support Residents with All-electric Upgrades and Decarbonization Plans
This summer, the City of Cambridge launched Electrify Cambridge, a new program to support Cambridge residents with a wide range of clean, green, and all- electric home energy upgrades.
Ocean Waters
Cambridge Adopts Climate Resilience Zoning Amendment
Earlier this year, the Cambridge City Council adopted new zoning requirements to address the impacts of increased flooding and increased heat over time as a result of climate change.
Stormwater Infrastructure Image
25 Years of Sewer and Stormwater Infrastructure Investments Better Prepares City for Impacts of Climate Change
Stormwater management is an important consideration for the City of Cambridge as it adapts to climate change.
Journey Towards a Greener Transportation System
Journey Towards a Greener Transportation System
Cambridge promotes sustainable transportation through education, community workshops, planning, and infrastructure projects. Resident volunteers can provide input on transportation projects. The City is investing in Electric Vehicle infrastructure and adding more fully electric vehicles to its fleet.
EV charging sign
Creating Electric Vehicle Infrastructure
The City recognizes the importance of and is heavily investing in Electric Vehicle (EV) infrastructure.
City Gives Away Finished Compost from Yard Waste Program
Cambridge Waste Reduction Programs Help Fight Climate Change Together We Can Continue to Reduce Waste in our Trash
The City is working to reduce our community’s impact on the environment through waste reduction programs. The City collects and recycles more than 9,000 tons of materials annually. By stopping food waste from going to a landfill, we prevent greenhouse gas emissions.
City Urban Forestry Efforts
City's Urban Forestry Efforts are Making Cambridge a Greener and more Resilient Community
The City has significantly increased the number of trees it plants annually. The City collects and recycles more than 9,000 tons of materials annually. By stopping food waste from going to a landfill, we prevent greenhouse gas emissions.
Community Members and Pilot Microgrid
Neighborhood Energy Source The Port Microgrid
The City is working with community members on a pilot microgrid in The Port to provide a clean, reliable local energy source.
Longfellow Bridge Photo
Did You Know
As a result of a City Lighting Study by the Electrical Department and the Community Development Department, it was determined that there was an opportunity for the city to have greater energy efficiency and light quality with LED fixtures.
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