New East Cambridge Parks

In 2018, construction will begin on three new city parks in East Cambridge. Following a collaborative process between the City, community members, and other stakeholders, over four new acres of new public open space will soon be available for residents, families, employees, and visitors to enjoy.

Over the past several decades, the Kendall Square area in eastern Cambridge has transformed from an industrial area into a world-renowned center of biotech, high-tech research, and innovative companies. The area has also seen increased housing development, with over 1,200 housing units built during the past two decades. As the once-daytime office district becomes a lively neighborhood, the new parks—products of extensive planning and work with community members—will work together to support a growing residential population.

Guided by the City's Eastern Cambridge/Kendall Square Open Space (ECKOS) Study and Connect Kendall Square Open Space Competition, the new open spaces will be a part of a broader network of open spaces in the area.

Binney Street Park

Located between Binney Street, Galileo Galilei Way, Broadway, and the Grand Junction railroad corridor, this new park will include an off-leash dog run edged on the outside by a public plaza and park seating set amid plantings and shade trees. This “porkchop”-shaped space will also include a segment of the Grand Junction Greenway multi-use path, a planned regional off-road connection that will run alongside the railway corridor.

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Proposed off-leash area at Binney Street Park

Timothy J. Toomey, Jr. Park (formerly Rogers Street Park)

Located at Third Street and Rogers Street, this new park will include a field area along with a play hill that provides a unique immersive play landscape. The sloped lawn will encourage snow play in the winter and community events like movie nights during warmer seasons. There will also be a walking path through the park and seating and tables set under vine-covered trellises.

When completed, the park will be dedicated to City Councillor Timothy J. Toomey, Jr. for his dedicated service to the citizens of Cambridge and Somerville.

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Proposed Site Plan for Toomey Park

Triangle Park

Located between Binney Street, First Boulevard, and Edwin H. Land Boulevard, this new passive park will emphasize tree planting in an area of the city that has relatively less tree canopy. The design proposes a large number of new tree plantings and seating opportunities around the site.

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Rendering of proposed Triangle Park in East Cambridge

The City is working with landscape architect teams led by STOSS Landscape Urbanism (Binney Street Park and Triangle Park) and Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates (Toomey Park) to refine the park designs and develop construction documents. 

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For more detailed schedules for each of the projects, please visit the individual park project pages by clicking the links above.

The design of these park projects is guided by the Eastern Cambridge/Kendall Square Open Space (ECKOS) Study and Connect Kendall Square Open Space Framework Plan, as well as the Healthy Parks and Playgrounds Task Force Report. For more information on these initiatives, please visit the pages by clicking the links below.

ECKOS and Connect Kendall Square

Healthy Parks and Playgrounds

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